Deetjens Rose

Deetjen's Diaries

E achof our rooms has a special set of journals, dating back several years, where our guests share their stories, great and small, true and tall.

 “The first time I came here in '59 I knew I was coming back. In the 60’s I chopped wood for a room and a meal. My third trip in the 90's, good old Deetjens…Thin walls, warm fires, friendly people. If heaven isn't like this, I want to be sent back.”

“When I get back to the real world, Deetjens and the Fireplace Room will be my new ‘Happy Place’ for a long time.”

"I am grateful for this little room. Just room enough for your soul. How happy and still I am in Big Sur. And clear. Always. What a lovely, lovely gift this place is. More, more."

"So much love, and so many memories in such a simple room. I feel like all my problems are evaporating, floating up like bubbles out the top of my head, to lodge like corks in the ceiling.”

" Deetjens, your healing force once again has renewed my spirit, charging me with light and gratitude. Thank you!"